Instant deployment of licensed, free, web-based and multi-tier applications.

Application licensing and deployment, on-demand!


Hundreds of software titles and apps at your command.

VirtualStore serves as your company’s library of all the applications and services needed to run your business. Need more? With the ability to select from hundreds of software titles and web applications, that’s no problem. Need an app or software today?  It’s there.


No software licenses to deal with.

With VirtualStore, you can do this without the headache of figuring out how you’re going to run all the things you need in your server room or how you’ll track all your licenses, versions and upgrades. We commission and control the applications for you. Compliance issues become a problem of the past.


Only pay for what you need (unless they are free).

In the dynamic environment of VirtualStore, you only pay for the applications you need. When your needs change, simply drop the apps and you are no longer paying for them. Upgrade time? No problem, just jump on the newest version as soon as it’s released (or whenever you’re ready). You can even switch back to an older version if your needs so dictate. We even support a long list of free applications.


The perfect solution for complex software and app management needs.

Many companies have infrastructure and licensing in place with line-of-business applications for needs like finance, manufacturing and distribution, or legal that they don’t want to purchase again. You may even feel they are not appropriate to run in the cloud. VirtualStore can still handle managing your existing licensing for those specialized applications so that prior expenditures are not duplicated. Through MPA Cloudworks Professional Services and VirtualEngine, we can port your on-premise applications into yourVirtualDesk or even colocate your hardware into one of our ultra-secure Tier 4 hosting centers. Either way, you will experience the same flexibility in deployment as the rest of the Cloudworks library. Plus, Cloudworks advantages like unlimited storage and Business Continuity are available at the most competitive price point for those applications, too.