Instantly Scalable Infrastructure

What powerful clouds are built on.


Simple, instant scalability for applications and services.

 VirtualGrid is our instantly scalable infrastructure that simplifies the deployment and scaling of resources across a group of virtual and physical servers. The VirtualGrid technology converts physical servers into dynamic “grids” on which IT staff can visually operate, deploy and scale services, data and applications without any modification to code. VirtualGrid is designed on the UCI (Universal Cloud Interface) and is software agnostic. Users with unique applications not customized for virtualization or cloud deployment (like proprietary finance or ERP applications) can now be made available from the Cloud.

Eliminate over-provisioning and under-utilization of infrastructure.

In order to keep your costs down, VirtualGrid can immediately deploy and scale highly redundant web, application, file and database servers while consuming only the absolute necessary CPU, memory, storage and network resources. Where some platforms may only handle a small number of concurrent applications on a single virtual server, VirtualGrid can in most cases serve 25-50% more users from a single CPU core. This further improves economies of scale over other virtualization solutions.

VirtualGrid makes you feel safer, because you are.

Cloud services are now mission critical and downtime affects the bottom line. Still, because of the cost and complexity, few companies have effective business continuity plans in place. VirtualGrid eases business continuity by packaging complete applications so that they can be easily migrated between data centers, and our disaster recovery process manages data replication automatically. With MPA Cloudworks, every company can now have affordable, effective business continuity.