Shorten the time to build and develop applications.

Put your software in the cloud.

 VirtualDev shortens the time to build and deploy applications.


VirtualDev is our on-demand computing platform that allows developers to build, test, deploy, scale and distribute applications more efficiently over cloud infrastructure without having to deviate from their existing development platforms or incurring large infrastructure expenses and headaches. Applications can be distributed and integrated from the MPA Cloudworks cloud environment, as well as used as a traditional on-premise application. In addition, VirtualDev enables rapid deployment of integration solutions using wizards and prebuilt connectors for custom, externally hosted SaaS and commercially available application integrations.

VirtualDev’s application development life cycle supports the use of many concurrent users by providing multi-tenant management in a highly scalable, redundant and secure environment. You get full control of the application development and deployment process. Utilizing our prepackaged hosting, servers, databases, user interaction process and frameworks help you to reduce cost and risk. The VirtualDev PaaS enables developers to focus on innovation that provides real business value instead of dealing with infrastructure setup, speeding time to market and saving money.