On-demand desktop delivering applications-as-a-service to any web-enabled device.

VirtualDesk delivers any application, anywhere, faster.


More than a few apps and some storage.

Mac on your PC? Linux on your tablet? Windows on your phone? All three working in the same desktop? VirtualDesk is powerful enough to combine typical desktop applications, line-of-business applications and web applications in a single, easy-to-use, centralized desktop. all of this on any web enabled device…desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones…you name it. That is true “future-proofing”. It doesn’t matter what hardware you select for your users or what operating system you leverage. VirtualDesk even handles changing of devices in real-time. You can be writing your dealer updates on your laptop at the office and finish them on your phone or Smart TV at home. It’s as easy as picking up where you left off…all within the same application and the same document.


A fast and secure cloud experience, the way you like it.

Simple and secure, the VirtualDesk dynamic desktop is delivered via a secure private network. Because it takes advantage of VirtualEngine’s unique communications technology to deliver data and images, VirtualDesk is also faster than any “virtual desktop” you’ve ever seen. In fact, it is up to 20 times faster than all the “other” virtualized environments. No more finger drumming while you wait to be served by outdated VDI platforms. VirtualDesk responds like the application was running natively on your device.


No more managing software licenses or computer upgrades.

VirtualDesk makes your IT experience trouble-free. All your software licenses are included in your monthly user fee and you can always be on the latest version. Because VirtualDesk accesses all your applications from a virtual private data center, you can forget the 3 or 4-year replacement schedule. With VirtualDesk, you replace or add devices when you’re ready.