About MPA Cloudworks

A single source for all IT, application, infrastructure, and Web 2.0.

Enterprise 2.0

The mass adoption and current explosive growth in the consumer arena of Social Networks & Web 2.0 technologies, which provide user-friendly tools to publish, find, and organize user generated content, has led to the grass-roots creation of Enterprise 2.0 as companies and individuals seek to harness these same advantages within the business.

MPA Cloudworks is an Enterprise 2.0 managed service provider. Cloudworks offers a single source for all IT, application, infrastructure, and Web 2.0 with the most current technology available today — all on-demand, for a predictable cost to the enterprise.

What has been missing from a corporate perspective has been a unified platform that can organize these tools in an easy-to-use format for the business user.  With the Cloudworks platform, business users simply “plug-in” and access traditional Software delivered as a Service (SaaS) along with fully managed IT services in a centralized virtual desktop called VirtualDesk.

VirtualDesk combines your IT services and traditional applications with the best Web 2.0 applications onto a single, easy-to-use centralized desktop, available to customers as an on-demand service.

VirtualDesk is delivered to customers via a secure private network — not over the web — and can be provisioned with traditional MS Windows based applications alongside a growing list of Web 2.0 applications that are available from anywhere and on any device.